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  • Old habits often take many years to form, be kind to yourself if it takes more than a day or a week to change them. New

  • We can all become caught up this time of year with places to be, items to buy and houses to decorate. We are all very a

  • It’s the time of year, we buy a bag of daffodils and pop them into our gardens and decorative pots. We smile at the kno

  • Easier said than done! Knowing ourselves we need to let it go or someone suggesting we need to let it go. It is not as

  • Have you ever taken part in a fire drill? Many of us take part regularly in the workplace, school, community etc. It ma

  • Big words in a little sentence! When we want to begin something or change something, the biggest step is the first litt

  • When something doesn’t go to plan “Why does it always happen to me?” can be words or thoughts that spring into action.

  • Why when you are late and rushing do the traffic lights turn red? Why when you need to get out of the car does it start

  • Clearing time in your day to sit and listen to a guided meditation, the anticipation of feelings of blissful relaxation