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Mayo Mindfulness offers a variety of courses and workshops. All are available in person or can be delivered online. Events can be tailored to meet specific group requirements and settings. Community groups, Sports clubs, friends, students, social groups, schools, workplace etc


Contact Carmel to discuss details to suit your specific needs or book online any upcoming events.

This 6 week course covers Mindfulness principles, Formal Meditations, Neuroscience & Positive Psychology. Topics covered include : Automatic Pilot, Negativity Bias, Unhelpful thinking styles, Perspective, flow, Gratitude, self-compassion, stress & anxiety, the role of thought, our overthinking mind, the science of happiness, neuroscience, fight or flight and more.


If you are new to the area of Mindfulness or have an existing practice the course is accessible to you. We each have our own unique starting point and learn also from each other.


There is a weekly theme offering interactive learning and opportunity for discussion, practical breathing techniques, stories & poems, formal guided meditations.

  • Weekly handouts are provided to support course content.
  • Weekly guided meditations are given for personal use.
  • Group sizes are kept small 10-15 people. This helps create an environment to support learning and participation.
  • Each weeks class is 1hr 45mins in duration.

The full day workshop enables you to step out of your normal routine. The workshop offers a sample of the learnings from the complete 6 week course including, what is Mindfulness? The power of thought, gratitude, Flow, neuroscience, understanding stress & anxiety, self-compassion and Guided Meditations.


The day is practical and can be as interactive as you wish. If you are a beginner this can be a wonderful introduction and opportunity to experience all that Mindfulness can offer for your life. If you have previous experience, an opportunity to continue your practice and refresh in a supported environment.


Allowing yourself the opportunity to engage in a full day workshop is giving your mind and body the experience of stepping out of automatic pilot and therefore the ability to make a clear choice on how you can integrate Mindfulness into your life.

The half day workshop gives you the opportunity to explore what Mayo Mindfulness offers and can assist your decision on taking the step to complete a complete 6 week course.


On this half day the course demonstrates Mindfulness principles, automatic pilot, negativity bias, the power of thought, exploring our senses, Flow, gratitude and formal guided meditation.

This is an opportunity to inform a specific group on what Mindfulness is and in what way it can be applied to and benefit the specific group. It can be of benefit for community groups, workplaces, schools or any group who wish to explore the option of Mindfulness.


Contact Carmel to discuss options.

It feels good. Kinda like when you have to shut your computer down, just sometimes when it goes crazy, you just shut it down and when you turn it on, its ok again. That’s what Meditation is to me”   Ellen DeGeneres


Our jobs occupy many hours of our day and can often give a sense of personal fulfilment. It too can be a contributor of significant stress & anxiety, long working hours, meeting deadlines, difficult colleagues/clients. Whatever your job our thoughts around it can be anxiety inducing.


The workplace is a changing environment, in recent times more than ever. Your workplace may be your dinning room table, an office in a building, a busy supermarket, a hospital ward, your car or van …and so many more. A workplace can be a solo arena or one shared with many individuals.
It can be a very useful starting point to realise that the distance between Mindfulness and your particular workplace may be considerably less than you imagined.


Have you ever experienced a work day trying to get through the “to-do-list”?, feeling at the end of the day that you are not entirely finished? Asking yourself is there a way to focus better at work?
Feeling like you’r on a hamster wheel doing the same thing?
As you read this you may be an employer, employee, self-employed.
Perhaps you continue to go to your workplace, work from home or avail of a community work Hub. Your workplace, the time spent at work and thinking about work can expand into much of your day. If there is stress or anxiety added to this the effect on your individual work/life balance can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.


In May 2019 the World Health Organisation (WHO) deemed “Burnout” a legitimate medical diagnosis.


According to the WHO the definition for burnout states:
“ Burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterised by three dimensions:

  • Feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion
  • Increased mental distance from ones job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to ones job.
  • Reduced professional efficacy”


Some of the benefits of incorporating Mindfulness into your workplace are:

  • personal wellbeing
  • Increased focus & attention
  • Enhanced communication & listening skills
  • Strengthening leadership and teamwork ability health, vitality & sleep patterns
  • Improved decision making & problem solving
  • Reduced absenteeism due to stress and related physical & mental conditions.


Mindfulness in the workplace can be delivered in conjunction with staff training and may take many forms:

  • Delivered as a 6 week course
  • Lunchtime wellness
  • Half day Workshop
  • Full day workshop
  • In conjunction with team building events


“I think of Mindfulness as the ability not to be yanked around by your own emotions” Dan Harris (author)”


In work as in many areas of our lives we quickly and automatically change our thought & focus from one thing to the next, this can greatly affect the quality of our work. In practicing Mindfulness we are training our “attention muscle” therefore training ourselves to become more focused. Neuroscience can demonstrate for us that this is like bringing our mind to the gym; boosting areas of the brain associated with attention regulation.


“The workplace is constantly demanding & distracting making it a challenge to remain Mindful. Stay centred & focused without being frazzled by the mental nosiness that crowds into a typical workday” Dr Deepak Chopra


Contact Carmel to discuss options to suit your workplace

  • 6 Week Mindfulness Course

  • 120 - 140/mo
    • In person  €140
    • Online      €120
    • Class size.  10-15 people

  • Full Day Workshop

  • 60 - 80/mo
    • In person  €80
    • Online      €60
    • Class size 10-15 people

  • Half day workshop

  • 30 - 45/mo
    • In person  €45
    • Online      €30
    • Class size.  10-15 people

Bookings for corporate and schools workshops will be determined by individual requirements, duration and numbers. Contact me to discuss further.