Difficulty sleeping? Can Mindfulness help?

Lack of sleep and an inability to sleep has been an increasing problem in the past number of decades. The current global Covid Pandemic has added to this greatly and for those who would never usually have sleep concerns they have emerged during the past 12 months. The knock on effect of lack of sleep on our  physical and mental health and that of those around us(if we are tired, snappy, not productive etc) can have a negative effect.

I have thankfully always slept well although recently experienced a disruption to this. It was fantastic learning for me. I was able to put into practice advice I have often taught.

Have you ever felt totally exhausted, delighted it is bedtime and then unable to sleep? You body may be physically exhausted, whats keeping you awake is a mind that is busy processing, questioning, analysing, planning. This mind has no intention of sleeping! You can see from this it is not the sleeping (or lack of it!) that is the problem; it is a mind that has not been given the opportunity throughout the day to slow down, to be still for even short periods of time throughout the day.

When we introduce techniques throughout the day to allow this whirlwind in the mind to slow down regularly (acknowledging it will whirl up again), the mind is then not having to work through the entire days events when you finally become still at bedtime.

Naturally add in here good sleep routine, not eating large meals too close to bedtime, reduced pre bed screen time – these we already know.

Beginning now…pause…breathing in … breathing out… just focus on this for 1 minute (60 seconds!)…continue with your day. How many times and in how many places can you incorporate this into your day?

Thanks for reading