Feeling about a particular situation

Feeling about a particular situation

“Just because you are happy it does not mean that the day is perfect, but that you have looked beyond it’s imperfections”   

Bob Marley

We all have good and bad days, its what makes us human. Have you ever experienced being in the middle of a disagreement with someone, or having a really difficult moment/day; perhaps you have to then go somewhere or someone calls to visit, you need to go into a meeting etc. You literally straighten yourself up, put on a smile and get on with it! At the beginning how you are presenting is not a true reflection of how you truly feel. As time passes, the meeting ends, your visitor goes home etc and you realise you don’t feel as bad as earlier, the problem may still exist, but for this moment the intensity of feeling is a little less. You have allowed yourself the space to enjoy while the worry is still present.

Referring back to the original quote, we can see that we can experience happy moments, alongside the sad/upset ones. We can learn to acknowledge this is how I am feeling about a particular situation, now I will spend some time doing something that makes me feel happy. Reminding ourselves regularly of these happy experiences regardless how small they may be. In positive psychology it is not about ignoring the negative, the stresses, anxieties. We can learn to acknowledge them while making a choice to remind ourselves regularly of the good.

Explore the good.

Seek out the good.

Repeat often.

Thank you for reading