I can’t focus on a meditation

I can’t focus on a meditation

Clearing time in your day to sit and listen to a guided meditation, the anticipation of feelings of blissful relaxation and calm.

What if this doesn’t happen? What if you can’t concentrate? What if your mind is constantly distracted?

It is important firstly to acknowledge that our mind wandering is what our minds do, when your mind wanders gently bring it back, that’s perfectly ok, there is no need to question yourself.

When we develop our practice this will increase your ability to concentrate, be kind & patient with yourself.

Beginning a meditation with expectations of relaxation and calm is adding another layer of thoughts and judgements. Allow the meditation to be as it is. The benefits of the meditation are the same whether you enjoy it or not. It is the “doing” that is important.

As with anything we wish to develop in our lives, repetition will develop this skill.

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