I’m late and the traffic lights are red!!

I’m late and the traffic lights are red!!

Why when you are late and rushing do the traffic lights turn red? Why when you need to get out of the car does it start lashing rain? Why when you really have enough to deal with does something else happen just to make things worse!

The lights turning red, the rain getting heavier and long queue in the shop were going to happen anyway, but naturally they move into your focus as you need to get to the meeting, collect the kids, just get home after a long day.

As with every situation in life how we respond in thought, word or behaviour has an affect on our next thought, word and behaviour.

We make choices each moment of our lives, these choices have a ripple effect. Making a choice to complain about the lights, the traffic, the unfairness etc will affect your next thoughts and emotions. When you arrive at your destination you may repeat these “awful” events to others! The ripple of complaints begins.

Over the years these are the moments where I began to practice Mindful breathing practices, explore the senses, sing!

The chances are the light will turn green in 1min, the rain may ease or stop (or I can decide its just rain!), the queue will move on. This time can be used to either benefit you or  talk yourself into a list of negatives.

What if the lights were red and for 1min you took a deep breath and were grateful for this pause….

What if it began raining as you arrived at the shop and sat for just a min and listened to the sound of the rain…

What if as you stood in the queue (you did not take out your phone!) and recalled your favourite music…which you would sing at the next available opportunity!! (perhaps not while standing in the queue!!!)

How would you now feel arriving at your destination? What positive ripple effect on you and those around you might this have?

When we cannot control what is happening in our outer world we can make a choice to control what is happening in our internal world.

I’m late and the lights are red.. great that gives me a chance to pause for a moment!

Thanks for reading