It can take very little to make a big change

It can take very little to make a big change

Big words in a little sentence! When we want to begin something or change something, the biggest step is the first little step. We don’t run a marathon by purchasing a cool new pair of trainers and hitting the road for 26 miles (42km!). We begin at a pace that is right for us, where we are at that time. We make a plan, set reminders and perhaps arrange support.

This post as I’m sure you can imagine has nothing to do with running! Wanting to meditate for 2hrs and feel enlightened is (for most) as unrealistic as putting on those trainers and running 26miles.

As the title suggests “It can take very little to make a big change”. When we consider meditation, if you decide to incorporate this into your life – begin small and often. Begin by taking a moment as you run out the door, pause..breathe in ..breathe out…feel your feet on the ground..continue. You have just meditated. In this moment you have brought an awareness to your breath and body.

Are there other moments in your day where you can allow yourself 20 seconds, 60 seconds to pause, breathe and feel your feet on the floor? Pick even one time in the day and practice daily until this is now a part or your day, then introduce at an additional time.

The aim is to incorporate into your day, not to add something extra that becomes a “have to”.

Learning to incorporate these small changes, small meditations, can make a big change.

Thanks for reading