Learning to thrive not just survive

Learning to thrive not just survive

Busy packed schedules & deadlines can create thoughts of “just getting through the day”, “being on a hamster wheel”.

Modern life has introduced many opportunities, labour saving devices, ready-made, prepacked scenarios to free up our days. We however have never spent such large quantities of our day “chasing time”. Surviving the day, waking up with thoughts of “here I go again”.

The words we say to ourselves and others, the thoughts that generate in our minds influence how we feel physically and emotionally; they can leave us in daily survival mode. Repeating these words to those we meet throughout the day can further amplify these feelings.

When we begin to become aware of your words and how they make you feel can become the first step to change. We can then begin to change a mindset from survive to thrive. When you are aware, practice the switch. Share the good that has happened, shift perspective.

For example you are late and get caught at traffic lights, you feel impatient, frustrated, annoyed. You can continue reminding yourself how frustrating this is – although this will not change the situation. Become aware of the thoughts and how you are feeling as a result. Practice some breathing techniques, listen to your favourite song. The traffic lights will change & you will continue on your way. Your thoughts as you continue can be of having a few mins to calm your breathing or sing your favourite song.

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