Mayo Mindfulness

Welcome and thank you for checking out Mayo Mindfulness. As the introduction on the website explains my name is Carmel Connor. I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher, also covering Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

2020 was a year of unthinkable change in so many ways for everyone, personal, health, social, financial, work etc. Zoom meetings and the ability of all ages to use social media platforms became the norm. I certainly was one of those people where Zoom, Instagram, Facebook etc were not a part of my usual day (at least not to the extent they are now!). Workplaces became our homes and pretty much everything moved online. Personally then came the development of a website and along came the suggestion of a blog….pulling me very quickly from my comfort zone and with that the vulnerability that arises. Do I take this opportunity? or do I run? I reminded myself of wonderful words “face the fear and do it anyway”, and here I am .

After a number of google searches for best way to approach this the same phrase popped up “write like you talk”. Excellent, I am a talker! I can do this.

I aim to discuss topics relevant the courses and workshops I offer. How we can begin to use Mindfulness in any situation in our lives without it becoming an extra something we don’t have time to do. My approach is practical and accessible. The ability to incorporate Mindful techniques into an existing busy life, in between or during a Zoom meeting, school runs and dinner, football training etc.

I will share teachings, ideas, suggestions and share with you as I go through each day. Some topics may be of interest to you and some may not and that’s OK

Looking forward to having this space.

Thank you for reading