Mindfulness for Schools

Mayo Mindfulness offers courses & workshop that can be tailored to suit ages of students and requirements of each school. Programmes are available for both National and Secondary School in person and online options available.


Expolring the option of Mindfulness for a school it is important to remember that a whole school approach will allow not only for the course to be delivered, more importantly enable your school to become a Mindful school. Students, teachers and parents can all learn from each other. Within the school environment with its full curriculum it can initially appear challenging to add something extra to the day! The information, practices and exercises are designed to be integrated throughout the school day and therefore do not require extra “time”. The skills learned are skills for life to equip our children and young people for challenges life can present; while learning to enjoy “the ordinary”.A regular request to students is “to pay attention” or “to concentrate”. We can go through life hearing these from a young age, how many people have been taught how to concentrate? how to pay attention? At the foundation of Mindfulness is learning the skill of attention and concentration. Living in a world that constantly pulls for our attention, learning how to acknowledge distraction and remain focused is a skill that can benefit every part of our lives at every stage of our life.

“Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing” Jon Kabat-Zinn

There are many benefits of teaching Mindfulness to children and teenagers. Among them include:

  • Improved focus & attention
  • Increases kindness, compassion & patience
  • Awareness of thoughts & emotions
  • Impulse control & interpersonal skills improve
  • Tendency towards worrying decreased.
  • Anxiety & stress reduced
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increased calmness & sense of relaxation
  • Greater levels of self-regulation & awareness
  • Reduced levels of ADHD behaviour
  • improved resilience, confidence & motivation
  • Reduced negative self-belief
  • Improved academic performance

The recommended programme offered to national schools is a 5 week course for students. Each session is 45mins per class/group. A session is also available for teachers & parents.


Each week has a theme and is presented in a fun & interactive way. Children learn through taking part in activities, learning the science of their brains, exploring our senses, perspective, kindness, breathing, self- compassion, meditations. Each week there will be activities for students and teachers to complete. Arts projects to reinforce course content, a weekly school theme and mantra. Practicing throughout each week what has been learned for 45mins ensures learning and development of Mindful thoughts & behaviours.


Printable materials are provided to encourage the whole school environment to reinforce a positive growth mindset. A Mindful Day also allows a full, fun day of Mindfulness practices, activities and learning. Carmel is Garda vetted and has current Children First Training completed.


Contact Carmel to discuss your school requirements.

The recommended programme offered to secondary school students is a 5 week course. Each session is 1 hour per class/group. A session is also available for teachers/parents.


Each week has a theme and is presented in a practical and interactive manner.
We look at areas such as stress & anxiety, our thinking minds, neuroscience, self-compassion, perspective, breathing techniques, meditations and more.
All techniques and information are practical based allowing students to integrate into their school, home and social lives.


Information handouts to enable students to practice weekly.


Workshops available also for year groups to provide a Mindful day experience.
Information talks available to teachers to enable them develop their own Mindfulness practice and help them provide supports to students. Carmel is Garda vetted and has current Children First Training completed.


Contact Carmel to discuss individual school requirements.