Mindfulness….I’m not into that sort of thing!

We all have different likes, dislikes, interests and passions. We are all unique human beings. Mindfulness is no exception to this. Many people have an interest in the area of Mindfulness, others may look to it as something to help them in a difficult time in their life and others may have no interest. Regardless of what you think on this that is OK, its your unique life.

My own journey was one of having an interest and looking for something. On this journey one of the many things I discovered was that without attaching the label of Mindfulness many people are being Mindful. We can take part in activities which can allow our minds to focus on something other than our worries, stresses, anxieties for a period of time. We can then at a later stage deal with these with perhaps a clearer mind. This ability to take part in a sport, hobby, gardening, reading, dancing etc can become a form of Mindfulness know as Flow. This occurs when you are fully absorbed in something and loose all track of time. It is not denial and neither will it magic away what is causing you worry, stress, anxiety. It does however allows a space to be created.

If a child is upset because they have fallen and cut their knee, would you keep reminding them of it? Generally we would try to distract the child and then when they are not so upset check again to ensure all is Ok. There are times when we can be kinder to ourselves by allowing the worries to be set aside and revisit after a period of time.

Having a list of activities you enjoy which you know you can become fully immersed in can be a great go to. Enjoy compiling your list.

Thanks for reading