Planting Daffodils

Planting Daffodils

It’s the time of year, we buy a bag of daffodils and pop them into our gardens and decorative pots. We smile at the knowledge of what will emerge in the Springtime.

At my Autumn courses I give a daffodil bulb to each person attending – usually with a confused reaction!

We plant these bulbs in the soil, cover over and leave aside. The soil appears to sit with nothing happening over the winter months. However as we know there is a lot of activity, roots are growing, attaching themselves and preparing to support the Spring blooms. Water & nutrients are being drawn in to allow the bulb to physically change and produce new shoots. In the same way when we begin a mindfulness practice in our own lives; it may feel initially that there is no change! When we practice regularly we begin the process of physical changes in our brain (fMRI imaging from Neuroscience research).

The Mindfulness pillars of trust and patience can benefit us here. Patience with our practice, with ourselves and with the benefits. Trust that our minds and bodies will respond to the practices. Trust in traditions dating back over 2,500years. Trust in yourself and your own instinct to do what is right for you in this moment.

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